Estados unidos. Una maestra de yoga estadunidense, Fiona Lowenstein, creyó ser inmune al virus del COVID-19, y posteriormente es internada por contraer la enfermedad.

“Pensé que mi papel en la actual crisis de salud sería como aliada de los ancianos y de las personas comprometidas. Entonces me hospitalizaron por el Covid-19”, fue la publicación del diario The New York Times, quienes dedicaron un espacio para crear conciencia en los jóvenes», mencionó la joven de 26 años de edad.

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I AM OK! Tested positive for COVID-19 this morning after spending two nights in the hospital for shortness of breath. I’m so glad to report my breathing has MUCH improved. I’m going to continue to take it slow on communications and social media bc I’m trying to rest and do everything possible to calm my anxiety. Doctors say I am on the mend and should be released soon! Thank you so much to all of you who have been in touch with me, my partner, and my parents. I love you all and I will try to slowly reply to your each of your messages and emails. In the meantime, stay safe, stay inside if you are able, and PLEASE rest and isolate if you have any symptoms whatsoever or feel sick in any way! This started for me with a headache, for others with a sore throat, nausea, or runny nose. It doesn’t look the same for everyone so young people especially let’s do our part to contain it. More soon. And shouts out to the medical professionals in NYC rn who are fucking heroes doing incredible work 💛💛💛 UPDATE: I am back home and slowly trying to recover. I will start (when I have energy) updating my highlighted story with more info on my experience in case others are interested or want to understand. Feel free to share the stories if you think they will help people.

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Al ser maestra de yoga, la joven tiene una ardua rutina de ejercicio y alimentación, llegando a entrenar seis días a la semana, por lo que pensó que su vida sería completamente saludable, sin riesgo a contraer coronavirus.

Sin embargo, Fiona Lowenstein se encuentra hospitalizada en un hospital de Nueva York en espera de recuperarse tras ser portadora del virus.


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